Sunday, August 30, 2009

Outdoor Bars and Honey Bees?

It's late August, and that means it's the time of year when Restaurants and Bars start calling us. And we get LOTS of calls right now, usually complaining of hundreds or thousands of honey bees, flying around the back bar, into and around the ice drains, floor drains and syrup lines.

Why you ask? Late summer is what we call a season of dearth for bees. There's usually little flowering occuring, meaning natural sources of nectars have dried up. We usually see flowering kick back in next month, but for now, bees are desperately looking for any sugar source, and that means open air bars, restaurants, bakeries and donut shops are ground zero for honey bees. Once they find that sugar source, they will exploit it, sending thousands of workers to gather the sugars.

It can be difficult to solve these problems and no simple solution exists. Inspections, sanitation, screens & forced air systems, are just some elements of our tool box.

If your bar, restaurant or bakery is inundated with honey bees, give us a call at 800-343-5317 or visit our website at ALL Florida Bee Removal for help. We are graduate entomologists, beekeepers and Fla. licensed pest control operators, standing ready to help you.

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