Monday, August 31, 2009

Are Killer Bees in your Trailer Park?

Here in Florida, we have many residents that live in Manufactured Housing, aka, trailer homes and guess what, honey bees really like to live in trailer homes too! We perform house trailer bee removals every day.

Africanized Bees, aka Killer Bees, often build colonies close to the ground, in fact they are frequently found in abandoned armadillo, gopher, gopher tortoise and subterranean tree holes. This behavior is probably a holdover from living on the African plains, where available voids in trees were few, so building colonies in the ground works very well, until a honey badger arrives that is! Honey Badger, predator of African Honey Bees

Bees will often build their nests under the subfloor of the manufactured home. We also frequently encounter them under Office & Construction trailers.

We don't perform many trailer live removals any longer, primarily because most of the honey bees that nest under trailers have a very high probability of being Africanized. It's illegal to possess AHB here in the State of Florida, plus they make horrible occupants in our bee yards. Spend some time around them and you will see why, with 10's of thousands of them fiercely attacking, working every little opening, trying to get into your beesuits. Sometimes we have to wear 2 beesuits, and we STILL get STUNG!! Here's a photo of Jason, under a trailer, notice how much dirt he had to excavate!Bee Removal from under an Orlando, Florida house trailer

It's also very difficult and time consuming to perform live removals from under trailers. It's hot, it's very cramped, and we end up taking sometimes hundreds of stings, because we are rolling on the ground, over bees that have fallen on the ground. Also, the sting risk is high, especially in a tight, urban trailer park setting. And, it's very, very messy!
removing honey comb from underneath a Ft. Myers trailer bee removal

If you have a colony of bees in your trailer, give us a call or email. We handle removals all over the state of Florida, including Naples, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Kissimmee, Orlando, Brevard County, Ft. Lauderdale, Broward, Dade, Daytona, Palm Coast, Jacksonville and more!!!

If you have a bee hive in your house trailer, please consider us. We perform house trailer bee removal throughout Florida

We are entomologists (insect scientists), registered beekeepers, and Licensed Pest Control Operators, carrying full insurance and licenses for your protection. Visit our website, for more info

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