Friday, October 16, 2009

Live Honey Bee Removal

Today I recieved a phone call from a gentleman in Melbourne, Florida, who wanted me to perform a free live honey bee removal.

I explained to him that we are finding our Brevard County Live Honey Bee removals mostly turn out to be mean Africanized Honey Bees, and that while I will consider doing live bee removals, I turn down many, because the sting risk is just too high, especially in tight suburban or urban settings.

He seemed to be understanding this, so when I then explained that we usually charge more for these live removals, he was obviously getting rifled up a bit. I explained that in order to perform a TRUE Live bee removal, we have to be careful, work slowly to protect the brood (eggs,larvae,pupae), and that we then have to re-queen the colony to introduce gentle European genetics into the colony. Of course, we have to purchase the queens, and spend a good deal of time caring for the newly transferred bee hive box.

Well, he evidently had enough, told me that I should "be paying him" to get these bees out of his house, because "you are going to make money off these bees!".

I was befuddled. This guy clearly has no grasp of what it takes to be a successful beekeeper. Most beekeepers will gladly tell you that this hobby or even business TAKES money to keep going. If one is successful, Bee sure that it is hard work and one is not getting rich off of bees. And that's with bees that come from a great genetic line, selected for things like putting away honey, disease resistance, gentleness, etc.

The going price for a starter colony of "thoroughbred" bees is $50-$75. Yep, I'm sure making lots of money with your bees!

When we do Central Florida Live Bee Removals, it's like throwing dice...We never know what kind of bees we'll get.. They usually turn into mean colonies as the colony becomes mature, they often will swarm out of the hive boxes, they put away small amounts of honey, etc.

Plus, factor in the cost of salaries (yes, I do pay my guys, hello???), truck expense, diesel fuel, auto insurance, Workmen's comp (don't you WANT us to protect you, the client, hello???), Commercial General Liability Insurance (again...??), and of course many more expenses. I haven't found a Chevron station that will give me free diesel!

And remember, we are experts, with 3 entomologists and other highly trained professionals. That's got to be worth something, or do you like billy-bob and his helper, with no insurance and a hand axe, tearing open your home. Do you?

And to top if off, Our regulator of beekeeping, Apiary section, Fla Dept. of Agriculture, is "highly recommending" that we eradicate all feral honey bees that are close to human or animal activity..primarily because of the spreading of Africanized Honey Bees in the state. What happens if I do a live removal and an allergic neighbor gets stung and dies or is severely injured? What happens to me then? I'll tell you what, I'm shark food for the lawyers!

All to play the roulette wheel or throw the dice with your bees.

Yes, "Mr.-Your-gonna-make-money-off-my-bees", you can keep your bees. Thank you very much.

For those that understand value, I remain committed to providing the best Live Bee Removal services in the State of Florida. I really do love performing proper live bee removal in Florida, when we can.

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